Dentistry in Irvine

"Dr. Fang was our family dentist in LA. My children and I loved her tremendously!

She was always tender and truly our advocate for dental health by providing the necessary treatment rather than selling the latest dental hype.

Her work and approach spoke for her integrity. Most importantly, my children trusted her fearlessly. We miss her. OC couldn’t be luckier to have her!" -- Be R

"I had Invisalign braces specifically made for my teeth by Dr. Joyce Fang a few years ago and it took about three to four months for my teeth to turn around. It was miraculous! My two front teeth and two bottom teeth were twisted and they are perfect now!

Joyce has a wonderful and tender bedside manner. She explains step by step what she is doing and what to expect. Her technicians are the same - courteous and gentle.

I would recommend Dr. Fang to any of my friends, family and acquaintances for dental care at any time." -- Lynn M.

"I highly recommend Dr. Joyce Fang, especially for people like me with dental anxiety and sensitive teeth.

I had put off going to the dentist for a long time due to my fears but Dr. Fang was able to make me feel comfortable and understood my issues. She took care of me in a way that minimized my pain and discomfort.

I felt so pleased with the routine care that I received, I even got dental veneers (Lumineers) put on my teeth by Dr. Fang. Even though I had thought about veneers for a long time, I never have felt comfortable about getting them from another dentist.

With Dr. Fang, the results were beautiful and the whole experience was much better than I anticipated!" -- Jennie T.

"Dr. Fang is one of the best dentists I have ever had. I am definitely one that can say 'I do not like going to the dentist,' but she makes the whole experience very calming and makes you feel at ease.She explains what she is doing when needed so you don't have any fear of what she is doing to you. She is patient and has a pleasantness to her.

I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has definitely made me not 'fear' of going to the dentist anymore." -- Jennifer L.

"Dr. Fang is thorough, caring and puts me at ease in moments. She takes professional development seriously as she likes to learn the latest and greatest techniques. She's someone I have complete confidence in for my dental care." --Devorah S.

"Overthe years of dental care by Dr. Fang, we enjoyed great, caring service – all while our teeth and gums became less cavity-prone and healthier with her advice about dental hygiene.

We have recommended Dr. Fang to family and friends – everyone was disappointed when she announced her family’s move to Orange County.Well, it is Orange County’s gain, and our loss in Santa Monica.

We wish Joyce and Darren all of the best success and happiness in their new home." -- Berta & George B.

"I would recommend you highly -- on a scale of 1 to 10, you would earn a grade of 9 from me (I never give out 10’s!)

Your expertise is tops and you have truly perfected giving pain-free shots -- never felt ‘em. (This is a biggie for babies like me).

I so miss you. In addition to being a terrific dentist, you are a lovely person." -- Donna M.

"When we moved to Southern California, we went through two dentists before we found Dr. Fang. She's a fantastic dentist who managed to bring smiles even through fillings and root canals. We were so sad when she moved. You are lucky, Orange County!" -- Lemise and Don R.

"For more than a decade, Dr Joyce Fang has been a caring and responsible dentist for my daughter and me, and her prices are fair." - Charlie K.

"Dr. Joyce Fang is a great dentist for both adults and children. She truly cares about her patients and takes great pride in her work. I used to be afraid of the dentist, but now, my family always looks forward going to the dentist." -- Grace Q.

"Dr. Fang is a great dentist - professional and caring. For the years I have known her, she was attentive to her patients and sensitive to their needs. My husband switched dentists as soon as he had his first appointment with her.

Dr Fang is always patient and never too busy to help. A friend of mine had to make a dental decision and wanted to talk to someone other than her own dentist. Dr Fang took the time to discuss it with her, even though she wasn't a patient.

Dr Fang has been more than a dentist to me. She saw me through my dating agony, marriage, and my first child and through all of that , she still keeps me smiling!" -- Fai F.

"1. Dr. Fang made sure that I was feeling no pain when I underwent dental procedures in her office.

2. The evening after a long dental procedure Dr. Fang called me to make sure that I was OK and not in any pain.

3. Dr. Fang postponed a flight to New York to take care of an emergency procedure for my husband and then called him from New York to make sure that he was OK and not in any pain.

4. I felt like I had entered the space age when I entered her office. I had no idea my old dentist's equipment was so outdated.

5. My parents and my grown children all loved her. After I checked out Dr. Fang and saw how excellent she was, I brought the whole family." --Annette and Tim B.

"Joyce Fang, gracious, professional, and definitely will handle the finances to your liking. Nobody likes the dentist, but you'll find Joyce pleasant surprise. Good luck to you, Joyce." -- Bill P.

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